If you’ve been following the adventures of Amazon’s HQ2 you know it’s been top secret. We do know that Amazon has announced that the new HQ2 will be split into two separate areas. Arlington’s Crystal City/Potomac Yard is one potentially projected spot. 

What will a move of over 25,000 Amazon associates mean to our local real estate market? That’s difficult to say. When Amazon was projecting that 50,000 Associates would be locating to Arlington, that was a big number which might have had some effect. 25,000, maybe not so much. 

Amazon’s HQ2 could have an effect on the local real estate market, but maybe not in the way that most people think. If you’re thinking about waiting to sell until the actual real announcement is made and think that will increase what you think you can get for your home, you may be dissapointed, especially if you don’t actually live close to Metro. 

If you’re thinking about buying, now might be a great time to make that move just in case the HQ2 wave creates extra interest. With interest rates rising, waiting until the announcement is finalized could result in buyers not being able to afford in the future what they can afford now.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling and want to get ahead of all of the competition, we’re here to help! HQ2 or not!

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